Extended Solutions for Your UPS

Universal Rack Mount Rail Kit

Our Universal Rack Mount Rail Kit is designed to be used with all Marathon Power Rack-Mount UPS’s. This adjustable kit is versatile enough that it allows for flexible installation with almost all types of server racks.

• Designed for all Rack Mount UPS’s
• Simple to Install
• ADR from 23.6 in. -35.4 in / 600      mm – 900 mm
• Kit comes with all Mounting Hardware
• Made from Durable SPGC Galvanized Stell

 Universal Rack Mount Rail Brochure

Mounting Brackets

Mounting Brackets are available for our Vault and Sprint Series UPS’s.

Vault Series

2U RM 5-in-1 Brackets

Sprint Series

Wall Mount Bracket-425~625

​​​AS-400 Relay Cards

The AS-400 Relay Card converts UPS communication signals to potential-free, dry contacts for industrial control. It is designed for use with Marathon Power’s Vault, Track and Sprint Series.  Information for each series is listed below.

Vault Series
Vault Series AS-400 Relay Card Brochure

Vault Series AS-400 Relay Card w/ EPO Brochure​
Vault Series AS-400 Relay Card Schematic

Vault Series Relay Card & Interface Cable Connections

Track Series
Track Series AS-400 Relay Card Brochure

Track & Sprint Series
Dry Contact Relay Box Brochure



Marathon Power offers optional user friendly accessories for each model series. Please contact us for information on custom or other  accessories such as cables, mounting hardware, extended run-time battery packs, software options, etc.

​​​​​​Ethernet Cards (SNMP/Web)

The NetPower and NetAgent 9 SNMP Network Interface Ethernet Cards integrate multi-network communication protocols to enable comprehensive easy-to-understand remote monitoring and management of UPS’s.

NetPower SNMP / Webcard

User Manual
Quick Configuration Guide
User Setup Guide
SNMP / Web Software

NetAgent 9 SNMP / Webcard

User Manual v7.0
ClientMate for Windows v6.0
Netility for Windows v5.1
SNMPView v5.8