Extended Solutions for Your UPS

Universal Rack Mount Rail Kit

Our Universal Rack Mount Rail Kit is designed to be used with all Marathon Power Rack-Mount UPS’s. This adjustable kit is versatile enough that it allows for flexible installation with almost all types of server racks.

• Designed for all Rack Mount UPS’s
• Simple to Install
• ADR from 23.6 in. -35.4 in / 600      mm – 900 mm
• Kit comes with all Mounting Hardware
• Made from Durable SPGC Galvanized Stell

 Universal Rack Mount Rail Brochure

Mounting Brackets

Mounting Brackets are available for our Vault and Sprint Series UPS’s.

Vault Series

2U RM 5-in-1 Brackets

Sprint Series

Wall Mount Bracket-425~625



Marathon Power offers optional user friendly accessories for each model series. Please contact us for information on custom or other  accessories such as cables, mounting hardware, extended run-time battery packs, software options, etc.