Ethernet (SNMP/Web)

The NetPower and NetAgent SNMP Network Interface Ethernet Cards integrate multi-network communication protocols to enable comprehensive easy-to-understand remote monitoring and management of UPS’s.

NetPower SNMP / Webcard

User Manual
Quick Configuration Guide
User Setup Guide
SNMP / Web Software

UPS Finder

NetAgent 9 SNMP / Webcard

User Manual ​v7.0
ClientMate for Windows v6.0
Netility for Windows v5.1
SNMPView v5.8




For UPS monitoring & control we offer remote, direct, web, and industrial control options. To monitor & control a remote UPS, we offer comprehensive UPS management over HTTP with any web browser or SNMP. We support advanced encryption with HTTPS, SSL, SSH and SNMPv3. Notifications, email, SMS or Traps can all be configured on our network interface NIC cards. If you're not sure which option is best for your application, we will gladly assist you with choosing the best option.

Dry Contacts (AS-400)

For physical “analog” connections to turn on or off a relay or I/O component, we offer an AS-400 relay card which has been the standard in the electronic field for years. The AS-400 relay card converts UPS communication signals to potential-free dry contacts for industrial control.  Designed for use with Marathon Power’s Vault, Track and Sprint Series.

Vault Series
Vault Series AS-400 Relay Card

Vault Series AS-400 Relay Card w / EPO
Vault Series AS-400 Relay Card Schematic

Vault Series Relay Card & Interface Cable Connections

Track Series
Track Series AS-400 Relay Card Brochure

Track & Sprint Series

Dry Contact Relay Box Brochure

UPSMON (Client Software)

UPSMON is the primary means of communicating with our UPS’s when they are directly connected to a computer. Installed on a local computer, UPSMON software connects to the UPS using either a (proprietary) USB or serial DB-9 cable giving you the ability to monitor and control the UPS and its loads.

UPSMON V2.92 for Windows
Software User Manual for V2.90, 2.91, 2.92

UPSMON Plus V2.86 for Windows
Software User Manual for V2.86

Monitor & Control for Your UPS