Line Interactive with True Sinewave UPS


Agency Standards & Compliance:
• UL 1778
• cUL Listed
• CE on 220V models
• FCC Compliant
• ISO 9001 Certified


  • Industrial Automation
  • Process & Motion Control
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Security
  • Information Technology
  • Telephony
  • Computers
  • Home Automation


Features & Benefits

  • Line-interactive topology with true sinewave output
  • Hard-wire input/output connection (3000VA models)
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Dry-relay or solid-state contact signaling
  • Power monitoring & UPS control software
  • Energy-saving “Sleep” mode
  • AC and data-line surge protection
  • ”Cold Start” DC power-up
  • Digital battery management
  • Auto self-test mode
  • User-replaceable “hot-swappable” batteries
  • 50/60Hz frequency auto-sensing
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • SNMP capable (network manageable)
  • Site wiring fault indicator

Power Monitoring & UPS Control Software

  • Advises UPS status & monitors power disturbances
  • Indicates battery level, utilized capacity, and freq
  • Allows manual or automatic controlled shutdown
  • Allows the auto test sequence to be initiated
  • Provides real-time graphic displays of the above


Marathon Power’s Track models are ideal for more critical applications requiring true sine wave output while in backup mode along with the efficiency of a line-interactive design. Automatic Voltage Regulation provides mitigation of sags and swells without relying on backup battery power. This conserves battery energy for more severe disturbances such as power interruptions and outages.

Tight voltage and frequency regulation along with fast transfer to backup power ensure seamless transmission of uninterrupted power to the load. All models come with power-monitoring & UPS-control software at no additional cost. The unique energy saving “Sleep Mode” reduces the cost of ownership and the “Cold Start” feature allows the UPS to be used as a small emergency power source.

A variety of programmable alarms and indicators provide users with information on system status as well as AC and communication line surge protection. Also unique is remote control and signaling of basic functions such as Power Normal, Backup Mode & Low Battery states as well as remote shutdown, via a standard RS-232 connection.

An option on most models is a user-friendly, multi-function LCD display that provides information on a variety of parameter settings as well as overall UPS system status. Larger models include hardwire input and output connectivity making them ideal for industrial, medical and telecom applications. Also available are extended backup time versions using external battery packs.