UPS Systems, Accessories & Communication

  • Higher temperature and/or longer-life batteries
  • Remote location of front control panel
  • Internal and external cable extensions
  • Input and output power cord preparation
  • UL and CSA approval for 230V models
  • Mounting brackets and other related hardware
  • Other mechanical variations

If you have an application that requires a special product or a customized solution, we will meet with you, review your requirements and offer suggestions as to how we can most appropriately meet your needs.  Please contact us or one of our reps to discuss your application requirements. Below are examples of request we accommodate:

Custom Solutions

Monitor & Control

Extended Solutions

We offer remote, direct, web, and industrial control options to monitor and control your UPS.

Suitable for a wide range of transportation applications and extreme environments. Fully customizable, the most versatile transportation battery back-up solution.

True On-Line UPS

Line Interactive UPS

Versatile, efficient and customizable with AVR. Ideal for critical applications requiring true sine wave output with the efficiency of a line-interactive design.

True On-Line UPS

  • Unique & exclusive features
  • Superior component & build quality
  • Highly customizable
  • Immediate availability
  • Access to non-standard product options
  • Competitive pricing

How Our Products Are Different

About Our Products


We offer optional user friendly accessories for each model series to enhance the UPS functionality. 

Line Interactive UPS

Rigorous UPS Powerhouse

Designed for harsh environments, extreme temperatures and extended run times. Ideal versatile battery back-up solution in the most stringent conditions. 

State of the art maintenance free, battery-less, double conversion UPS. The most ‘Green’ of all UPS technologies and offers numerous advantages over conventional UPS’s.

Compact and reliable battery backup with AVR. Ideal for general commercial and industrial applications.

Line Interactive UPS

Top of the line customizable UPS with full power conditioning. Ideal for critical applications where the best level of power protection is required.

All of our products are made to ISO 9001 certified standards.  The result is a stable, total quality-oriented supplier capable of meeting the specific needs of our customers.