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Battery-less True On-Line UPS


• ISO 9001 Certified

• Battery-less Green Energy

Features & Benefits

  • Green, maintenance-free energy storage
  • User-friendly, modular component system
  • Lighter than other technologies
  • Superior power density over batteries
  • Highly efficient infrastructure
  • Virtually unlimited cycle life
  • Relatively short recharge times
  • Double conversion, true online topology
  • True sine-wave output
  • Multi-function LCD display



Marathon Power is pleased to announce its first battery-less Uninterruptible Power System. It is a state-of-the-art, double-conversion “UPS” that uses Supercapacitor technology for energy storage instead of conventional batteries.

The system is designed to provide short-term backup to sensitive loads in applications that either need to ride-through voltage sags and momentary power outages or simply bridge the start-up of a generator.

Since most power interruptions (87%) last no more than 1 second according to the Electric Power research Institute, there is seldom a need for long-term storage technology such as batteries. It is targeted specifically at applications that are sensitive to power disturbances that last from a few cycles to around one minute.

This most ‘Green’ of all UPS technologies offers numerous advantages over conventional UPS’s and other energy storage technologies such as flywheels and fuel cells. There is no battery replacement, system maintenance, hazard waste disposal or component recycling.