surge protective devices

Transient Protection

Surge Types

UL Recognized Components / Type 4

Leviton’s Type 4 SPDs are UL recognized components, and are available in a variety of configurations, including DIN rail mount, wall mount and leaded.

Point-of-Use / Type 3

Provides point-of-use protection, easily replaceable and it provides the last line of defense against a lightning strike.
Leviton offers SPDs to meet all point-of-use applications.  Our surge strips provide triple-redundant protection: Thermal Cut-off Fuse (TCO), Neutral-Ground Fuse and Circuit Breaker(CB).
We also offer tamper-resistant receptacle versions, IG versions and quads.

Surge Panels / Type 2

Type 2 Surge Protective Devices typically serve a branch circuit and protects against residual lightning energy, motor driven surges and other internally generated surges.

Leviton Type 2 surge panels use UL-recognized surge fuses. We offer models that contain replaceable modules, surge counters and 7-Mode protection. We also offer models that can be used for both Delta and WYE transformers. These SPDs conform to NEMA LS 1 guidelines.

Surge Arrestors / Type 1

Type 1 Surge Protective Devices are typically mounted on the line side of the main service entrance. They protect against external surges caused by lightning or utility capacitor bank switching.

Leviton Type 1 SPDs offer first line defense against external surges. They use the largest MOV’s in the business (40mm & 53mm) and are outdoor rated. Plus, some of our Type 1 SPDs feature an audible alarm warning that the device is no longer providing the rated surge protection.

About Leviton’s Surge Protective Devices

Leviton’s Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are designed to reduce the random energy surges of voltage transients and electrical noise on the power supply line. Our comprehensive line of SPDs range from Type 1 Surge Arrestors, the first line of defense against external surges, to Type 2 Surge Panels and Type 3 Point-of-Use devices, such as strips and receptacles. We also offer a variety of Type 4 UL recognized surge protective components.

All Leviton SPDs incorporate large MOVs as opposed to lower cost small MOVs in parallel. Large MOVs offer an improved surge current rating and greater reliability, which ensures that the product will perform for many years. Finally, Leviton’s world-class service team will provide on-site application support on an as-needed basis.

As part of Leviton’s smart grid initiative, Leviton has identified surge protective devices as a smart grid component capable of improving the reliability of the North American power distribution system by providing a level of protection for electronic circuits that include, e.g., smart meters, communication networks, wind turbines and solar systems. Leviton believes that surge protective devices may also improve the environment by enabling sensitive electronic equipment, including computer systems and data center equipment, to endure for their intended life cycle.