TRAFFIC & transportation




Line-interactive Battery Backup Systems use automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to correct abnormal voltages without switching to battery.

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Double-conversion technology with power factor correction. Ideal for the most critical, sensitive applications with the highest level of protection.



Traffic control and signal equipment consistently experience power interruptions. The Marathon Power Traffic UPS series are maximum performance systems suitable for a wide range of transportation applications and extreme temperature environments. Marathon Power Traffic BBS's are the most versatile battery back-up solutions for traffic control and public safety. Our Traffic series offers both Line Interactive and Double Conversion technology. They are also extremely versatile and fully programmable to give complete control of system programming and data acquisition.


  • Suitable for wide temperature range applications 

    (-37°C to +74°C).

  • Backs up power to traffic control and signal equipment.

  • Fits in all types of traffic enclosures, control panels and custom pedestals.

  • Low harmonic AC sine wave output in backup mode.

  • Fully programmable AC threshold voltages.

  • Transient voltage protection from damaging spikes and surges.

  • External connections are accessible from the front panel.

  • Six fully programmable dry contacts provide greater control of system components and functions.

  • Backlit LCD Display and LEDs indicators.

  • Remote access via RS-232, USB and Network.

  • Time / date stamp of events and alarms – up to 100 events with download and print capability.

  • Temperature-compensated charging. Maximizes battery life in harsh environments.



  • Traffic Controls

  • Signal Equipment

  • Transportation Equipment

  • Automated Parking Facilities

  • Electronic Tolls

  • Transportation Signs

Agency Standards, Certifications & Compliance

Most of our standard products are certified to the latest edition UL and CSA standards for the 120V models and CE (both LVD and EMC) standards for the 230V models. However, some models have both UL/CSA as well as CE certifications based on customer and/or application demand. Given our focus on customization, the extent of which often voids any preexisting certifications, we work with our local Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories (NRTL’s) to have any model tested and certified to any standard as required. Please contact us for specifics details pertaining to the certification/s of a particular model.