Vault High Power Series





The Vault High Power series is our latest, state-of-the art UPS featuring true on-line, double-conversion technology with a 0.9 output power factor. These new units provide more real-power to the most critical and sensitive applications where the best level of power protection is required. Connected equipment is not only immune to even the slightest power fluctuations, but is also protected from other power anomalies such as spikes, surges, noise, extended under-and over-voltages, harmonics and frequency variations. 

An extremely wide input voltage tolerance (up to +/-40%) and an output voltage regulation of within +/- 2% make the Vault one of the most flexible and technologically-advanced UPS's on the market. Aside from the traditional Tower form-factor, they're also available in Rack-Tower configurations. These versions are versatile in that they can be mounted horizontally or vertically. 

Standard are features such as UPS & power-monitoring software, integral auto-bypass, 'hot-swappable' batteries, various communication options, extended run-time capability, coldstart, advanced battery management and microprocessor control. However, a host of unique features and options bring exclusivity to the series. They include a High Efficiency & Free-run mode, an EPO (Emergency Power Off) port and load segmentation control. 


  • High Output Power Factor - 0. 9 PF 

  • True on-line, double conversion topology

  • Sine-wave output with less than 2.5% THD

  • Multi-Function, interactive control panel and LCD display

  • High Efficiency (HE) and Free-Run Mode

  • EPO (Emergency Power Off) port, RS-232 and USB

  • "Cold Start" Power-Up and 'Gen-Set compatibility' mode 

  • Optional SNMP and dry-contact card slot

  • "Hot-Swappable" battery cartridges

  • 50 / 60Hz frequency auto-sensing or free-run

  • Overload and Short-Circuit protection 

  • Battery-less voltage regulator & power conditioner option



  • Medical & Imaging*

  • Industrial Automation 

  • Process & Motion Control 

  • Laboratory, Test & Measurement

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) 

  • Communications & Guidance 

  • Security & Safety 

  • Financial & Banking

  • Information Technology 

  • Lighting and Commercial Control 

  • Telephony*

*Our Vault Series units are suited to many applications within the medical and healthcare environment, however they are not certified for use with life support systems and other critical care devices.


UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply

EBP = External Battery Pack

Agency Standards, Certifications & Compliance

Most of our standard products are certified to the latest edition UL and CSA standards for the 120V models and CE (both LVD and EMC) standards for the 230V models. However, some models have both UL/CSA as well as CE certifications based on customer and/or application demand. Given our focus on customization, the extent of which often voids any preexisting certifications, we work with our local Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories (NRTL’s) to have any model tested and certified to any standard as required. Please contact us for specifics details pertaining to the certification/s of a particular model.